Chemia™ “e Lab Notebook” has earned the confidence and trust of large number of scientists across several Pharma companies. Chemia™ has achieved leadership position in the market with its robustness, ease of use, high quality, highly configurable architecture and excellent customer support.

We have a proven methodology using which we achieve 100% success with all implementations.

Chemia™ is an integrated and comprehensive solution for Pharma R&D Laboratory operations. It takes care of Chemistry R&D, Formulation R&D, Analytical Lab Operations, Biologics Development and Stability Studies R&D.

Why should Pharma R&D use e Lab Notebook?

  • Major Pharma Companies have adopted digital strategy for R&D and Manufacturing
  • They face severe bottlenecks with paper based data management such as
    • When people switch (leave) job - who understands the research notes?
    • Data retrieval is a challenge when something happens to paper notebook?
    • Its takes too much time to search data
  • e Lab Notebook solution
    • Securely stores and effectively manages data centrally
    • Ensures uniform & consistent documentation of experiments
    • Saves time with cloning, auto calculations and electronic workflow
    • Provides quick retrieval, search and comparative analysis
    • Enables superior collaboration within and across departments
    • Provides equipment interface for data integrity
    • Provides easier tech transfer

The Chemia™ e Lab Notebook” is a secure, browser-based platform to record and manage your research data centrally at a place and make it available for access, analysis and assessment.

Chemia™ e Lab Notebook is a modularized suite of solution. Chemia™ allows you to design experiments and workflow, capture data in your own format, manage experiments, collaborate and share within and outside lab in real time, manage the IP part of your organization. Chemia™ also helps you in achieving the regulatory compliance.

Chemia™ covers the entire value chain of your Pharma R&D Lab operations. Chemia™ is equally suitable for Formulation and Analytical activities related to Bio R&D, Food & Beverage R&D, FMCG R&D, Oil & Gas etc.

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