Laurus Infosystems has constantly been working towards developing innovative technologies and has been successful in developing several end to end technology solutions. The mobile world not alien any more and Laurus Infosystems apart from focusing on the HealthCare and Life Sciences sphere has rich expeience in different verticals related to mobile technology applications.

With the deep penetration of mobile phones there is always an opportunity to relate a business function by making it mobile enabled. Do glance through some of the technologies that Laurus Infosystems has worked on in the past.

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Super Bill PHP An innovative Web and iOS based application allowing healthcare institutions to track patient billing based on consultancy and various tests undertaken during their treatment. This application helps to closely track billing transactions between the provider (Doctors) and the billing counters. Developed for a healthcare company in the US.
Mood Blender* iOSAndroid A healthcare application, developed for an academic institution in Sydney that allows patients to calm down before/post taking a vaccine. Primarily designed and developed for adolescent patients who are trypanophobic (needle phobia) or agliophobic (fear of pain). This application has proprietary videos, meditation music and finger painting modules calming the patients down before the vaccination.
Calcium Intake Monitor* iOSAndroid CIM is a custom Life sciences related application developed for a prominent Research Institute in Melbourne. This application allows research participants to monitor and record their meals and update in real time to the research team. This application also communicates with a large database of food items corresponding to their calcium values, helping researchers to analyze data quickly.
IMfree* iOS A revolutionary social local mobile app available on iOS. IMfree helps you discover who's free to meetup (before you reach out) and get new social opportunities. With IMfree you can signal to your friends whenever you are free. Its for those "spur of the moment" times, like when your plans got canceled, you just got out of class, or your just bored!
Picture Healing* iOSAndroid Mobile Solution for the Photo Sharing Website Picture Healing which allows users to take pictures, add effects and share the pictures on social networking websites.
Get Rewarded* QT Receive offers and get rewarded with loyalty points or benefits with your favourite service providers. The app works dexterously with native phone features, such as camera, location based services etc, making it a very COOL app to have!
Available on iTunes
iOS You are a Product and the PROMOTER app allows you to reach out to your potential customers providing them with tips, trends, location of stores where the customer could find the product, in addition to promoting the various offers and discounts running on your product line..
Available on Android Market
Android The BPMonitor app is used to keep a track of your Systolic, Diastolic and Heart rate which helps you to record and monitor your cardiovascular health condition.
On Demand Video Streaming* Apple iOSAndroid An application developed for service providers that allow users to view their favourite TV shows and movies on demand, on their mobile devices.
Custom Mobile News Reader* Apple iOS An application combined with a back end web platform that allows users to read through various categories of news, built in with some fun features.
Health Tracker* Android An application that allows patients to record and track their suspected triggers, medication, treatments etc and monitor them.
Mobile Transcription* Apple iOS A healthcare based mobile application developed for a global medical transcription company, with a voice recorder and encrypted transferring feature.
AdNow* Symbian Innovative non-intrusive advertising platform on Mobile phones, allowing advertisers to target mobile users with a low cost advertising medium.


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[*] Due to a confidentiality agreement with the customer , some apps have been renamed and we may not be able to provide the link to the application on the app stores." For more information please reach us at
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